10 Signs that you are being cheated on

Do you mistrust your partner? Do you feel that is acting weird? Then it is necessary that you know these tips to find out if he’s seeing someone else, finding a way to discover if your partner is cheating on you.

It is very important that you evaluate the behavior of your partner. If you are aware of the small details you will find out what is hidden, or, on the other hand, that you have nothing to worry about. So, if you have doubts about your relationship and would like to have more accurate information than the one you find on the horoscope or tarot, this is your article.

First of all you should learn that the truth, even if it hurts, is better than living a lie. These tips will help you to identify changes in small details of your partner that could be really suspicious. But before you face your partner, make sure you have enough evidences of his deception. If you don’t, you could be creating a very awkward moment in which you would demonstrate that you are paranoid, ruining your relationship.

I invite you to know the top 10 signs that you are being cheated on.

1. The cell

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Begin to suspect when your partner hides the phone screen constantly when you approach. And when they look for a thousand excuses to justify whatever they are writing or reviewing. Social networks now allow cheating partners very easily. There are several applications that help you cheat your partner, so if the phone is usually hidden, began to doubt.

2. New friends

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Your partner suddenly becomes too sociable. From time to time, new friends of the opposite sex begin to appear, and does not make very clear to you how do they know each other. It is an issue to discuss. And much more if your partner does not want to introduce them you, because, in that case, what is he hiding and why?

3. Change of clothes

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If every time he returns from the street or from going out he needs to get changed and have a shower, you have something very interesting to start doubting. Although try not to overdo it. If you know that your partner was exercising, or coming from far away, this is logical. But if it becomes repetitive, it’s time to act.

4. Change of style.

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When your partner starts to have a sudden interest in clothes or style, starts to change the way of dressing or just starts to lose weight you may interpret it as a sign. This situation is weird, and even more if he had not previously said anything about this change of appearance.

5. Behavior.

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Your couple gets defensive very easily, counterattacking all day and answering curtly when their partners ask them how the day was. If your couple starts treating you very coldly or aggressively from one day to another  you may ask what is he fearing that makes him attack all time.

6. Distance

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Your couple begins to move away from the family and the relationships that couples usually have, to change their routines and to get away from the rest. In many cases, sudden meetings begin to emerge and activities tend to be extended for hours and hours. If your partner arrives after college or work with a smiling face, it is not a good sign.

7. Occupations

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As mentioned above, your partner spends more time in the office, or in commitments with friends, situations that usually did not happen, and starts to cancel plans. Moreover, in many cases, partners begin to tell very suspicious and inconsistent stories about their delays.

8. Routines

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Their behavior changes in details as small as not going out on Sundays, or not picking up the partner at work. And you can add to the list of changes of routine, a course or diploma which was not mentioned before.

9. Defects

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Suddenly they pay more attention on the shortcomings of the couple, and start criticizing the other for everything that, in their opinion, is wrong. This creates strain on the couple and much more if you are living together, since your partner will have many more opportunities to complain about the typical problems of coexistence between two people.

10. Odds

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It is said that people are more likely to be unfaithful when there is a history of previous infidelity or when their parents were infidels, as they take this behavior as a normal part of life. They are not conscious of how much they are hurting their partners.

If you suspect that your partner has been unfaithful, nothing better than talking about it openly and not to be afraid of making difficult questions and receiving painful answers.