11 hidden messages in Pixar Movies

Look more closely at the pictures of some scenes from Pixar films. You will find that there are hidden messages in the film more than once. Here we will explain 11 of them. Know them and be surprised not to have seen before if you are so obvious.


In this scene from the movie UP, a girl’s room is shown, while her window is the home of the protagonist, Carl Fredricksen old. If you look closely, the girl next to her bed has to bear Lotso (Toy Story) as one of his toys.

Cars 2

In this scene developed from the renowned Parisian film Cars 2, the Gusteau’s restaurant is shown the same film Ratatouille. But in this movie it’s named Gustow.


In this scene from one of the latest Pixar film, a piece of wood where this figure Sulley (Monster Inc) carved shown.

Cars 2

In this scene, after which the protagonists were wet with lemons. You can see in the background a picture with Princess Merida (Brave) and his family in car version.

Toy Story 3

In this scene from the third installment of the animated classic Toy Story. You can see a fish sticker Nemo (Finding Nemo) on one side of the chest of Andy

Toy Story 2

In this scene from the second part of the story of the most famous movie toys. is hard to see a Heimlich (A Bug’s Life Characters: A Bug’s Life.) who is heading up the branch out of the way Buzz


During the two parts of this cute car history, you will find that the brand of tires used by all the cars from the Piston Cup is Lightyear Buzzard. Which is an obvious reference space character from Toy Story

Monster Inc

remembered scene in this movie when Sulley Monster Inc Boo carried to the room to say goodbye. Boo shows his toys, among which are the Cowgirl Jessie (Toy Story 2 and 3) and Nemo (Finding Nemo)


In this scene from the film set in Paris. You can see the shadow of the mad and chatty puppy both Doug made us laugh (UP) in this film who is looking for Remy.

Finding Nemo

Before the release of the entertaining film Cars. The character Luigi (Cars) debuted with a cameo appearance in this scene from the movie Finding Nemo

Monster Inc – Toy Story

At the scene of the Sunnyside Daycare Toy Story 3 a girl that looks like a slightly larger version of the tender Boo (Monster Inc) is shown. Even in this same scene we see that the girl is playing with a blue cat. Which decayed to be a reference to the name she gave in the movie Sulley: Kitten

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