11 plates of food that were the last wish of death row

Have you ever wondered what would be the last thing you would do if you knew at what point are you going to die? For some people, travel is important, and want to meet its latest tourist desires.

Not everyone can order the same thing, and for some people it was fascinating to be able to eat anything, just before his death. These images are very curious. They are photographs of some dishes that were ordered by prisoners under the death penalty. They enjoyed their last meal as it should be …


1. John Wayne Gacy: 52 Man of Illinois, charged with rape and death of 33 people, Sentenced to die by lethal injection .

He asked:

– 12 fried shrimp
– Bucket of KFC original recipe
– French fries
– One pound of strawberries.


jhon wayne


2. Ricky Ray Rector. 42 Man accused of Arkansas 2 deaths, sentenced to lethal injection

He asked:

– Steak
– Fried chicken
– Refreshment cherry Kool Aid
– Nut Cake

ricky ray rector


3. Angel Nieves Diaz: 55 Woman of Florida, charged with murder, kidnapping and armed robbery, Sentenced to lethal injection .

– He would not accept any food, not even that of imprisonment.

angel nieves diaz



4. Timothy McVeigh. 33 Man of Indiana, Defendant Kills 168, Sentenced to lethal injection.

– Two pints of mint ice cream and chocolate chips.


5. Ferdinando Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti: 36 and 39, Massachusetts, accused 2 murders and sentenced to the electric chair

– Soup
– Meat
– Toast
– Tea

ferdinando nicola

6. Teresa Lewis: 41, accused of murder, conspiracy and robbery and sentenced to lethal injection virginia .

– Fried chicken
– Peas with butter
– Apple Pie
– Drink Dr. Pepper




7. Ronnie Threadgill: 40, texas, accused of murder and sentenced to lethal injection.

– Baked Chicken
– Mashed potatoes with country gravy
– Vegetable
– Sweet Peas
– Pan

ronnie there..



8. Allen Lee Davis In Florida, with 54, accused of robbery and 3 deaths, Sentenced to chair electrical

– Lobster Tail
– French fries
– Half a pound of fried shrimp
– Six ounces of clams
– Garlic Bread
– 32 Ounces of Beer A & W

allen lee

9. Stephen Anderson: 49, of California, 7 dead, theft, assault and escape from prison, sentenced to lethal injection

– Two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
– Cottage Cheese
– Mixed grits and corn.
– Peach Pie
– Ice cream chocolate chips




10. Victor Feguer 28 years of Iowa, accused of kidnapping and murder, and sentenced to lethal injection.

– A single olive

victor feguer



11. Ronnie Lee Gardner. Utah 49, accused of robbery and two deaths, Sentenced to run peloton

– Lobster Tail
– Apple Pie
– Vanilla Ice Cream
– He asked to eat while watching the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings

ronnie lee