13 Inventions for the most lazy people

Meet the most curious and humorous inventions that someone has invented some very practical, others border on the lot to make things easier and are great for those who are very lazy.

Laugh of the most rare and curious things that someone can invent, it is true that inventions are made to make life easier, but also true that sometimes become the supremely lazy and dependent on new technological inventions. [3×1001 ]

These inventions are not the most important or the most advanced inventions, but probably more than one will be eager to have them. Laugh with these great inventions and thinks that other crazy thing you wish you had, who knows, suddenly you become the next successful inventor in history.

The super-tablet basis, you will never need to get out of bed

base para tablet

no longer have to collect the grass, your cute puppy will poop directly into the bag.

bolsita de popo

rotating cone, no more ice cream melted

cono girador

No more headers in the bus, now sleep tight anywhere without being propped on something


There are no gym worth with this will be enough

hace chocolatinas

Very practical

ja cisternas

Now read is much more comfortable


Another way of reading very comfortable

lentes para leer acostado

This would be great

mantequilla en barra

That would be great if

papel higienico

So things will be easier

super casco

bright apartment for 3, 2, 1 …

super pantuflas

View the best way to mix the milk with chocolate or coffee

vaso agitador

No more tired!



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