13 Most dangerous natural sites around the world

Discover the 13 most dangerous natural sites around the world. Would be good to see it close but not too close, just in case. You will be impressed, they are not suitable for people with heart problems. But if you like traveling, sightseeing, meeting new and special sites, these are the places.

I always recommend that you go to these sites accompanied with guides who know the area. Never only, you will get lost. There have been little indiscretions that have not come back. However, they are so special and amazing places that will remember all your life.

Try of course to record that you have been there through a picture, as we are sure that one of your friends will not believe you when you say you’ve been there. Enjoy as we do these very beautiful places, but dangerous.


1. Saltstraumen (Norway), the most dangerous swirls in the world

Here we find the strongest currents in the world, especially when the tide rises. We do not recommend navigate these waters when the situation is so dangerous. This beautiful and dangerous scenario I can find about 30 kilometers from Bodo, Norway.



2. Gouffre Berger Cave in France, also called “The Cave of Death”

It has more than 1,200 meters deep and has an incredible lake inside. Many covers have died visiting it. This is because if it rains, floods, trapping everyone who is inside.




3. Rock Preikestolen, Norway. Only for those without vertigo

From a height of over 600 meters. We recommend you only visit if you have not long dizziness. The most famous place is the rock between two boulders. This is essential to take a picture.



4. Blue Hole in Belize, beautiful but very dangerous

The beauty of this place is only comparable to how dangerous it is to dive in these waters. Excessive pressure can kill anyone who wants to check their beauty.




5. Hussaini Bridge in Pakistan, a challenge trying to get through it

It is located north of Pakistan, on the Hunza River. And as seen in the pictures, only the most daring want to cross, as the woods are not in very good condition. From the bridge you can see the Himalayas.




6. La Quebrada in Mexico, death hopping

The beautiful resort of Acapulco in Mexico, we find the Quebrada´s cliff. Young locals defy death with these awesome jumps. The divers must calculate the time the jump well, and that is to match an exact time for the wave to have enough depth in the sea and not crashing to the bottom.



7. The Guoliang Tunnel in China, a tunnel carved into the mountain

Situated in the region of the Taihang Mountains of China, have built this impressive tunnel literally carved in stone. The pillars are of wood and give a sense of fragility. However, after spending years and years, there remains as a tourist attraction in itself in China.



8. The Antelope Canyon in the United States. The light, beauty and death hangs on this site

The amazing ways that have this route are wonderful, but dangerous. These forms have been created by the rushing waters that seep into the ground. We recommend that you look good the weather before visiting.




9. K2 in the Himalayas. The mountain that climbers have more respect

The climbers say is the most dangerous in the world. Only about 300 climbers have conquered the summit, and it says that one in four mountaineers die trying. Quite a challenge.



10. Darvaza Crater in Turkmenistan. A place called “Hell’s Gate”

This crater is a spectacle, and calls himself “The Gates of Hell”. About 60 meters in diameter and 20 deep. It is said that he was discovered by a group of geologists of the USSR in the 70s who decided to light a flame.



11. Nature Reserve Tsingy in Madagascar. The forest of stone knives where you can lose your life

This unique forest of rock is not suitable for people who are easily mislead, only locals you pass safely. Its beauty is unmatched.



12. El Salto de Tequendama in Colombia. The lake of the dead

About 153 meters high has this waterfall, many people choose this amazing place for suicide. A dangerous and also magical.


13. Death Valley in Chile. One of the most inhospitable desert

Crossing the desert is a real feat. Because of this difficulty, in times past many people died trying to cross it. Thus began to be called the Valley of Death. Beautiful views in the Cordillera de la Sal. A truly magical place, but dangerous.