15 tricks that will make your life …

Most likely you’re tired of not being able to do things faster and easier, for example, drive a nail without the risk of hurting your finger when hammering, or mess around the paint can when you have to paint the interior of your home. Well, we will show you a list of things you can do for those chores that should be simpler than they are, to provide you with certain tasks … enjoy it …



. 1 If you do not have a shovel to collect soil, waste of your pet or anything else you can put it together yourself using a container of yogurt or one like it, here’s how:



February. Many Post It If you are using, and have several for throwing or one was free, you can use it to clean between the keys on your keyboard.



March. You can use rolls of toilet paper that “no longer useful” for planting small little plants.



April. Whenever you’re going and do not want to paint is wasted on the edges of the pot, you can put a tape or a rubber band around the center, so that, when removing the brush, you can remove excess easily without bouncing too much paint .. .



May. Do not have speakers and you need to listen a little louder music? Use a roll of toilet paper and two nails or bugs to hold; opens a slot and place your iPod …



6. If you need to fill a bucket with water but unfortunately it does not fit in the sink or dishwasher, you can help with a dustpan.



7. Surely you are tired of sleeping on a pillow that eventually became very flat. When this happens, you can leave the pillow in the sun for a few minutes, the moisture will disappear and you will have a new abullonadito cushion.



8. Easier to recognize what is right and what the left hearing aid, you can make a knot on the right and go to the set and when you must wear them ..



9. To remove the top of a strawberry without losing part of the fruit, you can help by using a straw with fruit that will cross and you put away the leaves …


10. If you delay you quite locating the keys and do not recognize which is which, you can paint with nail polish top of the keys and thus easier to recognize.



11. If you need and you have a fire or wood is not dry enough, you can use Doritos, very well lit.



12. If you want a cold drink but all are of the weather, you can soak a towel in water, put it round the drink bottle and put it in the freezer. In 15 minutes you will have a cold, refreshing drink.


13. Reheating pizza is not so funny when you put it in the microwave and this is squishy or cauchuda. To avoid that, you can enter a piece of pizza with a glass of water or well …


14. Holds nails with a coat hanger, in this way you will avoid be hit by the hammer.



15. Utilizes old tennis ball to use as a slide. You can hang keys, add notes or letters …