18 images Eccentricities Billionaires in Dubai

Located in the famous Arabian Desert, on the beautiful shores of the Persian Gulf is Dubai; perhaps the most famous (with permission from Abu Dhabi) of the seven regions that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There is much documented information about his old age, however, if it is known that the first inhabitants settled in the present territory of the emirate is primarily devoted to trade in pearls.

Yes, pearls; clearly an object of luxury, the truth is that sounds pretty foreboding … especially when you consider where it comes from the tremendous reputation of this small, almost remote. And everyone knows that Dubai is a different place with its mega structures and, why not, also its mega eccentricities. A gold plated car? Is driving with a cheetah as co-pilot? A vending machine for small gold bars?

Discover this curious selection of images that show how far they can get the extravagance of the appearance of Sheikh billionaires who live; an exercise in ostentation shaped city.

In Dubai is not unusual to see a cheetah as copilot

… or a lion

Dubai es diferente (3)

… Tigers also, of course


The Hut EU 300x250

There is a good express shuttle

Dubai es diferente (5)

There, the Lions sail boat

Dubai es diferente (6)

… and rest on luxury cars

Dubai es diferente (7)

The same luxury cars used by police

Dubai es diferente (8)

Dubai es diferente (9)

also bathe gold

Dubai es diferente (11)

Dubai es diferente (2)

Gold is issued in automatic machines, typical

Dubai es diferente (14)

And the Luxury is up in the trash

Dubai es diferente (12)

Tigers in traffic jams greet

Dubai es diferente (16)

Riding on a lion? Clear

Dubai es diferente

But you better not hit the road, there may be too much traffic


But will it take to go to the bathroom


Or get something to take


And taking it waiting in the car

Dubai es diferente

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