20 Fictional characters exist in real life

Find these curious coincidences of the fictional characters that exist in real life. You do not need television or cable movie series to find these people on the street walking by your side.

Although in many cases, the fictional characters are based on real life people. That are close to the writers of different series or movies. In other cases, they are mere coincidences never cease to amaze. Both the creators of this cartoon as the characters, real-life people who never suspected out on the TV screen in cartoon format.

But that advantage are the authors of this series or movies. They already have their main characters in case you want to make a film or series in more real version.

If you like laughing comparison with images of characters from real life and fictional series and movies, certainly not let laugh with curious and entertaining comparisons to find while viewing photos.

Bobby – King of the Hill

What came first, the cartoon or child ??


Eric Cartman – South Park

This character is a classic, while her fans love like him. Although our friend photo pass !!


… No comment.


Dora the Explorer

Apparently Dora still a little lost, do not you think?



And then … Long live freedom of expression ??


Ned Flanders – The Simpsons

I wonder, will this double of Flanders will be just as fond of the same religion that Ned ??


The cat Isidoro

He is the twin brother !!!


Meg Griffin – Family Guy

And now the fanatical exaggerating, it is this woman who looks so much like Meg.


Glenn Quagmire – Family Guy

¿That all stays among celebrities, no ??

half men

Cleveland Brown – Family Guy

Both could star the character without any problem.


Linguini Remy

JAJAJ miss the little mouse came out.


The Lion King

Well, almost no logic?

rey leon


Emm here is shaggy.


Cletus – The Simpsons

Another famous Simpsons that exists in real life.




Uncanny resemblance !!


Andy – Toy Story

It is andy, andy’m sure it’s !!!

toy story

Russell – UP

And if you wanted to see this little movie browser up. Here it !!


Carl Fredricksen – UP

A clear, also had to be Carl !!


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