23 Celebrities and their photos in prison

If you’ve been curious about celebrities and their visits to the prison, this article will let you all very clear

Meet the celebrities who have been in prison and pictures right here, know the real reasons why they were arrested and have been arrested many times. Many of them have been arrested for possession and use of drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Some of them were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, under the influence of cocaine and other drugs.

Many of them had to undergo detoxification of cocaine as their drug addiction reached puzzling and troubling limits. Others on the contrary, were only arrested for simple offenses and fools who have greater involvement.

1. Al Pacino: 21. Illegal possession of weapons

al pacino

2. Bill Gates: Arrested in 1977 for traffic violation in Albuquerque

Bill Gates

3. Charlie Sheen: arrested for possession of weapons and domestic violence on several occasions. In 1990 he shot his fiancée at the time, “Kelly Preston” in the arm.

Charliee Sheen

4. David Bowie: Arrested for marijuana possession in 1976

David Bowie

5. Elvis Presley: Arrested in the 50 for speeding. But the photo was taken the day he showed up at the offices of the FBI, then used it to arrest after

elvis presley

6. Frank Sinatra: arrested for seducing a married woman in 1938

frank sinatra

7. Hugh Grant: was arrested for being a prostitute in 1995

Hugh grant

8. Mick Jagger: Arrested for possession of narcotics in 1967

jagger mike

9. James Brown: arrested for abusing his wife in 2004

James Brown arreglada

10. Jimi Hendrix: Arrested for drug possession in 1969, in Toronto, in his luggage found drugs.

James hendrix

11. Jane Fonda: He was arrested by traffic drogras after police in the aero port Cliveland found in his luggage 3 bags of pills, which are more hasten knew they were just vitamins. She was on her way to a peaceful march through the war in Vietnam.

jane fonda

12. Jim Morrison: Arrested by displaying their genitals in public in 1970


13. Johnny Cash: Drug Possession

Johnny Cash

14. Justin Bieber: Arrested for driving with speeding, under the influence of alcohol, drugs and pills in Miami

Justin bieber

15. Kurt Cobain: 19 years. Invación property

Kurt cobain

16. Lindsay Lohan: In less than 10 years has been arrested more than 6 times. The offenses include driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of drugs.


17. Matthew McConaughey: Arrested in Austin, Texas for being under the influence of marijuana in October 1999

Mattew Mconagey

18. Michael Jackson: Arrested for complaint of sexual abuse of a minor

michael jacson

19. Nicole Richie: She was arrested for driving while intoxicated, but his arrest only lasted 82 minutes.

Nicole Richie

20. Paris Hilton: By violating his probation, this beautiful girl spent three weeks in a detention center in Lynwood, USA

paris hilton

21. Robert Downey Jr: He was sentenced to 3 years in prison for possession of illegal weapons possession of heroin (an unloaded weapon). No went to jail because he submit to rehabilitation. It was 180 days in jail in 1977

Robert downy jr

22. Sid Vicious: Arrested for the murder of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen in 1978

Sid Vicious arreglada

23. Steve McQueen: Arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in 1972 Alaska

steve macquin