24 People who look like cartoons

If you like funny pictures coincidences and this article will surely perfect for you.

probably ever happened to you while you’re on the street, someone once very funny that bears a strong resemblance to someone you’ve seen on TV.; something is the case with these images. See the gallery funniest about the similarities between cartoons and real life characters pictures. Laugh with the most curious and entertaining characters who find here similar.

If you like TV series and great characters, you’ll laugh with probably the funniest characters have been on TV for many years. Tv series like Family Guy (Family Guy), The Simpsons, Rugrats (Rugrats), among others, will attend this entertaining gallery.

Granny nurse – Looney Tunes

abuela looney toons


aladin veck

Beavis – Beavis and Butthead


Bob Parr – Mr. Incredible

bob the incredibles

Boo – Monster Inc

bu Monster Inc

Butthead – Beavis and Butthead

Butthead - Beavis an Butthead

Consuela – Family Guy

Consuela -Family Guy

Dr. Facilier – The Princess and the Frog

Dr. Facilier

Drew Pickles – Adventures in diapers

drew pickles -aventuras en pañales

Gargamel – The Smurfs


Homer Simpson – The Simpsons

Homero Simpson - Los simpson

Leoni – The Thundercats

leono los thunder cats

Linda Belcher – Bob’s Burguers

Linda Belcher Bob´s burguers

and Luigy Mario – Mario Bros

Mario y luigi bross

Miguel Angel – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Migue angel lasa tortugas ninja

Ollie Williams – Family Guy

ollie williams family guy

Papa Smurf – The Smurfs

papa pitufo

Popeye – Popeye the Sailor


Rapunzel – Tangled

rapunssel enrredados

Linguini Remy – Ratatouille


Scruffy Scruffington – Futurama

Scruffy Scruffington - Futurama

Fiona and Sherk – Sherk

sherk y fiona

Smeagol – Gollum – The Lord of the Rings

smeagle el señor de los anillos

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