24 photos for “look 2 times”

We are always amazed the variety of perspectives we can get when we do the right picture. No need to go to the eye doctor and make an appointment to realize that our mind is deceiving us.

When our eyes behold these images are “only” seconds we need to realize it’s not real what we see. It’s where we get that little smile (or laugh) and we realize that we were wrong.

No need to go to an eye doctor if you look a little more and look closely. Our head, our thoughts are most irrational there, and are able to make these effects go wrong before. But mostly tómatelos with a good sense of humor, as some are a bit “strong” if your mind is a bit “spicy”.

These pictures, taken by chance, are shocking when after having warned in the title of this article, even so, our mind plays tricks on us.

Therefore, do not worry, do not go to the optician or optometrist, do not worry, it’s just an optical illusion.





This is love

mirar-dos-veces-fress-21 mirar-dos-veces-fress-20 mirar-dos-veces-fress-19 mirar-dos-veces-fress-18 mirar-dos-veces-fress-17 [3×1016 ] mirar-dos-veces-fress-15 mirar-dos-veces-fress-14 mirar-dos-veces-fress-13 mirar-dos-veces-fress-12 mirar-dos-veces-fress-11 [ 3×1033] mirar-dos-veces-fress-10 mirar-dos-veces-fress-9


mirar-dos-veces-fress-7 mirar-dos-veces-fress-6 mirar-dos-veces-fress-5 mirar-dos-veces-fress-4 mirar-dos-veces-fress-3 [3×1016 ] mirar-dos-veces-fress-1