29 Must-do Pranks

See these humorous, creative and original pranks. You will want to play them on your friends! If you love pranks, and you love to laugh with people or if you can not, laugh at them, be sure to know these must-do 29 pranks, as they are not longer for beginners in the subject, this is for a real master level, only suitable for professionals in jokes. And realize that they can get you into serious trouble just for trying out a bit of fun to the world and share it with all of us.

However, some of these very creative jokes have been created with very special elements and circumstances, and will be very difficult that you make it do copy them. But there are some that only require water, jelly and articles that you can find in your nearest local shop. So be original and discover which are the most innovative pranks you can play.

What do you prefer to start: a delicious jelly or a stapler? Or what if we mix them up?

broma 25

This prank is a classic, and can be done on a large scale, and, if you don’t believe me, look at the mouse and keyboard.

broma 24

The scale of this prank joke is enormous, really time-consuming, but whoever that played it will retain this image for all his life. Shame we cannot see the faces of the people when they came back to the class.

broma 23

And if you want to protect your car from sun, rain and more, how about this excellent protector???

broma 22

A homemade, very funny joke. Mix onions and apples and caramelize them! But always keep in mind where you leave the onions and the apples.

broma 21

And if the issue is smoothness, what do you think of surrounding the car with cotton balls?

broma 20

This homemade joke looks very disgusting, but is actually pretty funny.

broma 19

And how about these cute stuffed donuts with no cream, but with mayonnaise?.

broma 18

This car is ideal for the forgetful people, full of notes if you are missing something.

broma 17

What would happen if you get to work at your office and you find this??

broma 16

For those addicted to read the papers every morning, this prank is for them.

broma 15

Who would not like an Oreo? But first, check out if the cream is the one you are expecting.

broma 14

And if you want to keep an eye on someone, why not wallpapering the office with your face? Hahahaha

broma 13

Absolutely classic: mixing every mixable toilet product to see what comes out!

broma 12

Hahahaha! You are in a hurry in the bathroom and suddenly…

broma 11

If you want to see someone scared to death, your choice is this.

broma 10

Do not be alarmed, they are not real rats. But  it looks really funny to fill someone’s office with these animals.

broma 9

Soap and nail hardener never mix, or do they??? Hahahaha

broma 8

OOPS! Those hands were not expected!

broma 7

I think I never laughed that much with a photo and I definitely want to know how they did!!! Amazing!!!

broma 6

A small technological update, handmade.

broma 5

And the revenge of the parents when cleaning is shown in these two photos.

broma 4.1

“Have fun cleaning this way


Loves you, your father.” Hahaha

broma 4

And how can we get this rainbow effect on our windshield?

broma 3.1

With some acrylic paint of every color!!!

broma 3

This can be considered a way to scare someone… or a way to wake your parents up when you arrive late at night.

broma 2

And the winner: how to have a greener office?

broma 1.1

Sowing on keyboards!

broma 1