5 Signs he likes you…

Do you love someone but you are not sure if he likes you? It’s time to know how to detect if that someone that you like is also interested in you. Sometimes you will not be aware that he likes you, so these tips can help you. Sometimes friends will tell you. Anyway our instinct will always help us.

Here you have a list of 5 signs. Maybe not all of them occur always, but we are sure that some of them do.

1) The eyes flash and the pupils dilate.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. It is said that the eyes never lie, as they unconsciously have movements, flashes and signals that undress our thoughts. According to NLP (neurolinguistic programming) there are eye movements that reveal our thoughts. One is the movement of the eyes towards our “celiac plexus”, where the “muscle” of the heart is located. That is why we commonly associate the heart with feelings, because that’s where the eyes move when we “feel” something.

Moreover the pupils dilate, that is, they become larger. This indicates that we are alert, seeking to capture the attention of our interlocutor. It is not surprising that large eyes are often synonymous with beauty, as they are associated with larger pupils, which remains attractive for the partner.

señales de que le gustas


2) The enlarged lips and colored cheeks.

This happens because the person in love begins to have greater blood flow in the face. That is why women put makeup (ie color) on the lips and face to seem “in love”, and therefore more attractive. We do not mean that every woman wearing makeup want to seem “in love”, we just say that this is the result, because being in love means seeming more attractive.

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3) Postures of dominant males or flirting women.

A man, by nature, wants to be the dominant male and stand out over the rest. Some men do so with a lower tone of voice, puffing out their chest. Others try to lavish on girls showing their status in the pack (commonly buying the girl a drink). Men try to excel highlighting their strengths in front of the woman, with his sense of humor and intelligence.

The woman on the other hand looks at “her” man in the eyes. Sometimes she may touch her hair as a symbol of flirtation, and may also touch her own neck wanting to remark, in an unconscious way, that is for “him”. This happens because the neck is the most sensitive area of ​​a human being (the jugular) and women is showing it (if unconsciously) as proof of submission.

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4) Is assertive, says “YES” to everyting and smiles.

A person in love seeks empathy, agreeing on everything, because, in an unconscious way, is also looking to be at the same level of brain rhythm and does not want to find any disagreement. Another sign of love is to avoid any conversation where opinions are not shared, leading the conversation to topics in which the interlocutors totally agree.

Smiling is also a sign that may denote special interest in the other person. The smile must be sincere. This implies that it is not only made with the mouth, but also with all the muscles of the face, especially the eyes.

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5) Finds the same position.

This is called rapport: a person who is in love will be always unconsciously looking for the same body position of the other person, crossing his legs, turning his face to the same side, smiling at the same time, etc. Applying rapport by itself is not a symptom of being in love, but combined with the rest of the above signs can become an example of how the other person is terribly in love with you.

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