6 signs that a man is in love …

The man is perfect for hiding your feelings. For this reason, many of us live in uncertainty, if they want something serious, if they are in love, engaged with us or another; on the contrary, are another inside his list of conquests. Speaking of hides, they are the teachers …, we are masters at lying and simulate (you know what I mean, in bed we are magicians at that). In men it can fulfill the myth of “love at first sight” when a man looks a lot like a woman, it is because you are interested and this interest can lead to a feeling. So, women, if we thought that we love we first … because we are not wrong, they fall in love faster, alone they hide it more.

If you are a man, and want to know if you’re in love … because it never happened. Or, if you’re a woman and you curiosity kills you, whether truly in love or not. Well, look at these six signals, and evaluate:

1. SHE IS YOUR PRIORITY: This mainly occurs at the beginning, when in full “conquest”. Is pending, call, care … rather it is for the 24/7. And always go out with “the woman of his dreams”, will be a priority; and loves hanging out with his friends and colleagues. But remember you should give her space, and please guys THAN INTENSE!!


2. SHARE YOUR SPACE: will share her sites, places, activities he loves. It may even allow you to leave things in her house, she review of your decor, etc … This is a sign that what she believes cares. He wants her to do part of his life.


3. COMPLACIENTE ES: Women will please hand on your heart and tell the truth … when in this stage, we are ashamed at first, but we take advantage “not a little more.” The want, she has the best, you feel comfortable, please her at all (which clearly can). And to prove she is your priority, and unconsciously alienate others in the mind of your beloved. But women can not we abuse the good will of men, and we are not either.


4. FORGET THE “ARROCITOS IN LOW”: For those who did not understand, that is the colloquial term for calling the “other options”. When a man is what you want, stop looking, focuses on what has … eye, if you really are in love. If not, continue grasshopper … but if you find it thought, have you got what I want, I’m looking for more?


5. SPEAKING OF THE FUTURE: I believe this is also common in us, but when they do it can be a little scary. The difference lies in that we do it more regularly. On the contrary, this is only seen in a man, when in fact he is in love. When you want to restrict his freedom for a good cause. Women worry or rejoice … He is in love.


6. HAPPY: I’m sure, that this is the sign by which friends and acquaintances realize the crush. Love is one of the things that you can never hide, hides a little??, Yes, but never hide. That burst of happiness, you must leave somehow. It changes the brightness of the eyes, some sing, others are smiling from ear to ear (and your dog this day) … or, if after answering a call and see them smiling face was dumb … it, no doubt.


Ladies and gentlemen, the fear of losing love, comes in ways we can not imagine, and if we see a gay couple or if we think we get someone of the same sex, and attracts us, lose their fear and dare … congratulate them, because they are brave to show his love, and in such a closed society such as we live … So we must be very “open mind” and always wait for happiness. Because she was not looking, arrives!