8 surprising Curiosities of the mansions of the rich

As if that were not enough to have an extravagant and giant house, millionaires tend to give it even more quirky things, such as a house with huge slides or movie theaters.

Piscina con cine

1. And we have to start this super-mansion, which has a special movie theater, where in addition to watching movies, can relax on floats within a large pool. Definitely, the owner loves cinema and the pool is clearly a luxury.

Super piscina

Two. This amazing pool needs no description, is simply fabulous to have a good day .. well not one but several, of course if you have a luxury as well as pay you.


Three. And for fans of the sport, this would be the best place you can have in your luxury mansion, a field where golf and enjoy this unique sport.

Cabaña en el arbol

April.’s Nothing like a luxurious treehouse, where you can organize meetings, sleeping outdoors or just dedicate some time alone to rest and think. Make no mistake, it is not a simple house, but a very luxurious option to bring home.


. 5 Other movie lover, showing us how to enjoy a good movie in the most comfortable way possible, and do not miss the detail of the fireplace, nothing like good movies in the “heat” of the home; including a ‘Siestica “in this room would not be bad.


6. Tasteful And when it comes, good wine well preserved is the best company in any dinner. This wine lover millionaire, built down your cooking a Cava to preserve the best way its fine wines.

habitacion con tobogan

7. This luxurious room has a panoramic window overlooking the pool in the same mansion, but if you look closely, you’ll see has a very particular detail. It is the entrance to the slide that leads us to the next photo …

Tobogan y piscina

8. So … is the photo above had the entrance to the slide that sends you straight to the pool from the master bedroom, but too eccentric, you probably divertirías to jets.

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