9 Great companies started in a garage

Meet the big companies that succeeded in the market but in the beginning, worked from a garage. Many large companies today obtained the highest rates of income and one of the lowest rates of rotation of human resources.

Companies like Apple and Lotus cars are companies who started in place that unless you have imagined if you look at his great success, but history tells us anything, the story is dedicated to having as many companies such as Microsoft and Harley Davison have begun in a very unusual place.

Here you will find the list of companies that are considered among the largest companies in the world, but they have started in a garage with very few assets but with greater willingness to strive and grow, who knows, suddenly part of your success is due to start from the most simple and cost savings until your earnings exceed expectations.



Amazon start activities in 1994, beginning as an online selling books, the company operated in the garage of founder Jeff Bezos. The first book was sold in 1995 and so did from his garage. Amazon today is considered as the most recognized and trusted online Internet store.



This large company started in the garage of the parents of one of its founder Steve Jobs in 1976. Was founded by two young men named Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak who made 30 computers to start by hand.


Today it is one of the most recognized companies in the world, is considered the most innovative in terms of technology is. They started with the LISA computer and thereafter their success was complete. Today music players and Apple Phone (Iphone) is one of their best sellers.



Amazingly this company grew out of a garage. In 1923 Walt and Roy Disney brothers went to live with his uncle. In the garage of his new home to barely fit a car boot big business today. This garage was the first Disney studio right here and some scenes of what would be several years after Alice in Wonderland was filmed.



This successful company even start in your own garage, but its founders borrowed the garage of a friend’s house to start working. Its founders, two students at Stanford, Larry Page and Sergey Brin began creating what we know today as the most visited Internet history website.


Harley davison

The founders of this great enterprise were William S. Harley and his friend Arthur Davidson. Harley in 1901 plan to put a motor at this bicibleta to move faster. For 2 years, he and his friend Davidson were creating and planning the first motor bike, motorcycle and so called created the company in 1903 Harley – Davidson

Los beatles

The band, which today is recognized as one of the best bands in history, began in the garage of the house of the parents of John Lennon. But did not last long in the garage because they made too much noise, so the rear garden deported.

Los ramones

‘s group, who have been the main promoters of the musical genre Punk Rock, also started in a garage, because two of its members had they played with other bands and practiced in garages, so they decided to keep the tradition.

Lotus cars

The big company today is one of the largest manufacturers of racing cars in the UK. It began in 1984 in the garage of founder Father. Anthony Colin Bruce, who began building the first Lotus race car that year

Today Exiges cars like the Lotus, Lotus Elise, Lotus Evora, among other cars are the best selling and most requested by the market.


Microsoft, the company which today controls the operating system market. He started in the garage of its founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen who in 1975 founded what is now known as Microsoft. The first license sold, was sold to IBM for $ 80,000.


Nike, one of the largest companies in the industry of sports shoe, was formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sport between 1964 and 1978. Oddest thing about the story of Nike is not even started in a garage, this great company started in the trunk of a car. Its founders Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight sold the shoes from the trunk of his car.

Another curious story of the emergence of Nike Bowerman is the zuela think of Nike, putting a piece of rubber into his wife’s waffle iron. So Waffle Trainer sneakers were created in 1970.

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