Best Fails Compilation August 2014

In this world there are people with incredible skill that allows them to do things that seem impossible; people who were born or have practiced a lot to purchase a gift with which many of us can only dream of. On the internet we are more than used to seeing the kind of stunts that are capable of these singular people, but do not worry, this collection of gifs going to raise the self-esteem; to this type of people make mistakes.

As you know, not enough to have the best of intentions to keep things out satisfactorily. No, things do not always go as we want; and in a way is good, because otherwise not appreciate enough nuestrso success (you have to think positive).

Well, here are a humorous collection of gifs showing that what I am talking about; times when it is about to get what you want, but ultimately something that truncates all sudece; Enjoy it.

you thirsty right?

Casi pero No (2)

There was basket, but give gave

Casi pero No (3)


Almost but not

Casi pero No (5)

will have to experiment a bit more

Casi pero No (6)

What kind of jumping technique is that?

Casi pero No (7)

not to be trusted at the end

Casi pero No (8)

You’re doing great, girl

Casi pero No (9)

With two co …

Casi pero No (10)

And this guy claims millions?

Casi pero No (11)

Mar 1, People 0

Casi pero No (12)

was late, no doubt

Casi pero No (13)

almost equal

Casi pero No (14)

A very interesting move

Casi pero No

Good jump

No lo cosiguen por poco (2)