The 20 highest players in basketball history

Manute Bol was a Sudanese basketball player who played power forward in the NBA (passed by Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat). But most shocking of the player, besides his skills for the game and good percentages scoring, rebounding and assists, is its overly lanky physical appearance: a height of 231 cm and only 93 kg. If you want to know the tremendous heights of the tallest basketball players in history may do so here.

Jaber Rouzbahani (223 cm)

2007 FIBA Asia Championship - Day 8

Vladimir Tkachenko (223 cm)

1Vladimir Tkachenko

Dusan Cantekin (224 cm)

2Dusan Cantekin

Jason Bennett (224 cm)

3Jason Bennett

Mark Eaton (224 cm)

4Mark Eaton

Rik Smits (224 cm)

5Rik Smits

Ralph Sampson (224 cm)

6Ralph Sampson

Ring Ayuol (226 cm)

7Ring Ayuol

Pavel N. Podkol’zin (226 cm)

8Pavel N. Podkol´zin

Chuck Nevitt (226 cm)

9Chuck Nevitt

Samuel Deguara (227 cm)

10Samuel Deguara

Yao Ming (229 cm)

11Yao Ming

Chris Greener (229 cm)

12Chris Greener

Shawn Bradley (230 cm)


Jorge González (230 cm)

14Jorge González

Manute Bol (231 cm)

14Manute Bol

Georghe Muresan (231 cm)

15Georghe Muresan

Yasutaka Okayama (234 cm)

16Yasutaka Okayama

Sun Ming Ming (236 cm)

17Sun Ming Ming

Alexander Sizonenko (239 cm)

18Alexander Sizonenko