We all have our mental murderer instinct (its a joke)

We all have our mental murderer instinct (just kidding). That does not make literal, rather with a lot of humor and willingness to laugh, taking it to our daily lives. It is what could be called pious evil thoughts (LOL). These thoughts come to mind when someone at school, college, work doing things we do not like or just drop us terribly wrong and that we imagine they spend funny things like breaking her skirt, or spill coffee on that passing through a construction will turn over a can of paint.

In this post we will refer to this mental murderer instinct figurative (Of course). Please do not leave hurt feelings if taken literally. But it is that sometimes our mind imagines by moment as you might open a hole in the ground and swallow our boss or colleague to that class will always remember the date of delivery of the work was accomplished.

They make us angry that’s the reality … And who is without sin cast the first stone.



It’s for situations like this, that in our daily life, imagination to the limit put imagining things between humorous and perverse. And, if not, he thinks for a moment, because they are so popular and successful some beadwork facebook post, where where are labeled with friends and do not stop mocking the true character reminiscent code? That is our daily bread of the social networks.

Now, I’m going to stop for a moment to talk to those who are taking their imagination to the extreme and imagine that we are inciting violence, when it clearly is not the intent of this article. We ask you to take it with humor, sarcasm and a little high in jest, or otherwise it will be impossible to understand.

Given the above, arise videos like the one you see then when our daily lives, in which we want to be Rambo to give Low a few annoying characters. And is there really people who are annoying or fastidienta profession.

Now you think about it, have a mind that thinks easily in this kind of thing, then you announce that you have a mental murderer instinct. I accept it!

Here we leave a completely creative and funny video that shows what the human imagination with a little humor can imagine.