World ranking by size of the female breast

As children we used to study maps of different parts of the world on his physical and political divisions. Today we will see a slightly different map, but we also try to a world map and to some memida, just as one might classify as physical. This curious map is the work of specialized web targetmaps, after showing the world according to the sizes of the male penis, dared to translate knowledge from different studies to assign a cup size female breast for each country; From the smallest cup green (Cup A), to the largest red (greater than D Cup).

Tamaño pechos ranking

Tamaño pechos ranking (2)

Thus, we see that women are Russian and Nordic (Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian) the winners of the ranking with a superior cup size to D. Furthermore, in regard to Latin American women, note that is Colombian and Venezuelan which, with a size D cup, obtained first place and equalize the second worldwide women of Danish, Dutch, German, Austrian, Czech, Bulgarian, Croatian and U.S..

Note that the smaller sizes are found in Africa and the countries of South East Asia. We soprende much also the fact that in Mexico and Spain have a below average size, we had never thought of.

How to measure your size?

The size of the support is formed by a number and a letter (contour of the back and top, respectively). To measure the contour of the back belt is placed around your chest below the bust area. Taken this measure is passed to get the cup, this requires placing the measuring tape around chest, this time coinciding with the height of the nipples. This done, we must subtract the measure of contour to obtain the final result of drink.

Tamaño pechos ranking

Probably during his school years have had to study physical and political maps. What is left out of the curriculum is the last map that has revolutionized network: map the size of the breasts. The skilled website Targetmaps published as a counterpoint to map showing penis size by country, a study that assigns a cup size for each country, based on studies and sources diversas.Ver more: